Stunning Hindu wedding at the Durban ICC


When I arrived at the ICC to paint Deveshni and Nerolins wedding, I had to hold back squeaks of excitement. The decor was just out of this world. Massive flower walls, huge statues, copper and fairy lights everywhere. Far above on the ceiling, little lights had been added to look like stars. 


It was just beautiful. But I stifled my squeaks and got painting quickly. The guests would be arriving soon. All 575 of them! 

This was the largest wedding I'd painted at by far, but what I noticed was that it was also one of the most welcoming. So many people came past to chat or give me a hug, and the sweetest thing was when Deveshni thanked me in her speech for being there. 


 The stage for the ceremony was the focus of the painting, and I loved capturing the beautiful teal and copper tones. The bride and groom looked so lovely and you could tell they were just over the moon excited to get married. And I loved seeing how full of joy and love their family and friends all were! 


It was my first Hindu ceremony and I really loved the garland draping tradition and the bright sparkliness of it all! Fingers crossed for many more Hindu weddings!   


Venue  ~ Durban ICC

Photographer  ~ ImageCORE

First dance song ~ Kyle Deutsch

Photo bus ~ Aisle Hire It

Dance troupe ~ Shivani Cara Dance Troupe

Planning and Decor ~ Lifestyle Decor

Stationery ~ Rebel Heart Stationery

Cake ~ Sugar Coated Cakes Durban