Ferns - Kerri's New Zealand heritage

White anemone - Sincerity

Roses - Love

Proteas - Courage

Eucalyptus - Protection from harm

Succulents - Kerri and Cam's South African heritage

painted bridal jacket kerri and cam.JPG

Kerri and Cam’s story

I met Cam on Instagram. He was shopping for a Christmas present for Kerri, and he wanted to order her a jacket. After a little bit of Insta stalking, I burst out laughing. Kerri had been commenting on all my recent jacket photos with heart eye emojis or tagging her friends. I could only imagine the hinting that was directed at Cam in the real world.

Chatting to Cam to plan her jacket, and seeing how they interacted, I could tell immediately how he adored her. Cam was also wonderful to work with, and I loved creating a jacket for them.

When Kerri got her jacket at Christmas, I received dozens of photos and messages of her in the jacket and kind words from her. Her warmth and kindness was immediately noticeable even over social messenger.

Kerri is a teacher and she works with special needs children also. I can tell just from chatting to her that she loves her job and that the kids in her class must adore her! I was going through a really difficult time when we started chatting, having ended a long term relationship, and Kerri was encouraging and sweet. She's the kind of girl who can brighten your day just with an empathetic text.

I was thrilled to work with Kerri again when she and Cam started planning their wedding. Kerri wanted me to create a special jacket to commemorate her wedding, with florals to symbolize her diverse heritage.
Through all the planning voice notes, and through our shared enthusiasm for deep quotes and Instagram stories, we became friends. It was like having a pen pal, which is something I've always wanted!

I wanted Kerri's jacket to represent her values and her personality as well as her heritage. Kerri has been through so much so bravely, and so I used proteas to represent courage, and roses and anemones for love and protection from harm. We used ferns and fynbos and succulents to symbolize her New Zealand and South African roots, and finished it off with a custom monogram with her and Cam's initials.

Kerri and Cam tied the knot in a beautiful farm ceremony with family and friends all around them, and when I saw the wedding video and heard their heartfelt speeches I honestly cried a little. I was thrilled with how the jacket turned out and how it complemented Kerri's style.

@Kerri and Cam, you guys are inspiring. Thanks for including my jacket in your special day, and thanks even more for all the warmth you bring to those around you :)

Mary-Ann Wiggill