Travelling Jacket


One of my favourite reads when I was younger was The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants. I love the idea of an item of clothing connecting women and their stories. The Travelling Jacket does just that, for a community of edgy, beautiful, creative brides, who borrow the jacket to wear on their wedding day.

There is something so beautiful about wearing a jacket that other women have worn on the happiest day of their lives; and being part of a community based on hope, happiness and excitement.

The Travelling Jacket Sisterhood is connected by the jacket. I love seeing how women take the jacket and make it their own, each bride so different to the next.

I want brides to feel a sense of support and community when they wear this jacket, and so I ask that each bride write a letter to the next bride, so that she can read it in preparation for her special day.

If you would love to be a bride of the SIsterhood of the Travelling Jacket, pop me an email and let me know when your wedding date is! You can borrow the jacket to wear on your wedding day at no cost. All You need to do is get in touch :)

Travelling Jacket