Forest Fairytale Wedding at Allesverloren

KobusTollig-Photography wedding painting.jpeg

My fantasy alter ego would totally be a fairy. When I was younger I loved sketching flower fairies and water fairies and woodland fairies. Forest fairies were always my favourite. So it was an absolute dream having the opportunity to paint my gorgeous friends’ Kim and Richs’ fairytale forest wedding at Allesverloren in Riebeek Kasteel, just outside Cape Town.

Such an unbelievably beautiful spot guys. My jaw dropped when we arrived, and I saw the little path leading into the most amazing forest.

Kim and Rich - Allesverloren

Kim and Rich - Allesverloren

I used a black canvas for this one, which worked really well as it helped me set up the deep tones of the forest. I sometimes find paintings turning out a bit light, and the dark base really helped me set up some moody shadows. I took a video of the process, which you can find on my Instagram  (Until I figure out how to add it here).

 I generally arrive 2 hours prior to the guests at a wedding and set up the basis of the painting, and so by the time Kim and Rich’s guests had arrived I had already captured the amazing forests and the beautiful floral arch. Kim went for gorgeous proteas and some other incredible pink florals in the arch, and it was stunning!

One of my favourite things about doing this is chatting to everyone when they arrive. People are always super curious about the girl with the easel and what the heck I’m doing there.

Did I just rock up with an easel? Do I know that there is actually a wedding happening here? What is live painting anyway?

 This time I brought a custom painted sign that I made to match Kim’s wedding stationery, but there were still lots of questions and plenty of people kept me company. So much better than painting alone in a studio.

By the time the gorgeous bride, who I’ve known since varsity days, arrived (looking breathtaking in a gorgeous fitted gown!) I had captured most of the guests.

I stayed at the easel for cocktail hour, and then was able to set up the completed piece by the cake table for the guests and the bride and groom to peek at, and then I spent the rest of the night celebrating !

Allesverloren wedding Kobus Tollig

The wedding was incredible, truly a fairytale, and so amazing to see such happiness in my friends.

Huge thanks to Kobus Tollig for sharing his amazing photos with me!